Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pictures from when we went to see her...

As I first got on her:

Let me introduce you to Grace

Grace is a five years old 17hh Warmblood x French Thoroughbred chestnut mare who I have decided to take on loan while Hannah is in foal and has the foal at foot.

After a lot of discussions with my Dad, we decided that I did have the time for another horse. I wanted one I could bring on again, but I did not want an unbacked horse as I admit that I do not have enough knowledge to start from the very beginning.

I was looking for a horse on loan, but there were so many horses for sale that my Dad and I agreed that maybe we were going to have to buy a youngster and sell it in after twelve months. However, my Dad was worried that I would get too attached and not want to sell it when the time came. He knows me far too well!

I tried to keep an open mind when trawling the adverts on Horse Quest, Horse Mart and Horse Deals, but I was shocked at how expensive some youngsters were. There were a few that I thought would be suitable and emailed quite a few people regarding their horses. Someone had mentioned a website called Project Horses, but I was a little dubious when I first went on as a lot of the ones advertised had issues that I know out yard owner would not appreciate (weaving, cribbing etc etc). I also had to think that I would be selling this horse on…

As I was going down the 16.1hh – 17.1hh section I noticed a nice chestnut mare that was up for sale or loan. The horse sounded quite nice and from the picture I thought that she would look quite stunning with some muscle tone and extra condition. I emailed the lady who was selling her and received an email back explaining that the owner would consider loaning Grace if the person was suitable.

I arranged to go and meet Jill that Friday with my friend Sue Williams and my mother-in-law Carol. As soon as we turned into the yard I saw a very pretty chestnut looking at me from the field who looked vaguely familiar.

I could not believe how different Grace looked to the picture on the internet. She looked beautiful in real life and I was immediately smitten! Jill brought her in and left me to have a play with her in the stable while she made us a cup of tea (after a very desperate toilet visit I may add!). She was extremely good having her feet lifted while she was eating her net and did not mind being fussed at all.

When Jill first asked me whether I wanted to ride Grace I have to admit I was a little wary. After all, she had been broken twelve months ago and only sat on a few times since then. I decided to see how it went, so asked for her to be lunged for a while first. She was a little lazy on the lunge, but once she had cantered her trot really started to show and the potential in her started to shine!

I just knew I had to get on, so I walked her around on the lunge for a few minutes and then was set free, so to speak. Walking her around I could feel that she understood my aids when I asked, and even though she had not been sat on much, I have to admit I felt quite safe on her.

So, Grace will be coming to live with me on 8th October and I cannot wait! I have already been out and bought her a bridle, grooming kit, bandages, feed buckets and a few other small things too.

This Blog will keep a record of our progress together and hopefully show what a great horse she will turn out to be!