Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's never plain sailing...

Grace has been back from Jo’s for just over a month and true to Grace’s form, it has not all been plain sailing. She was starting to work really well and we had a few competitions booked, but on 2nd August she came in lame on her near fore. There was a small knock on her cannon bone which we assumed was causing the lameness, but that soon went down and there was still quite a bit of heat and puffiness in the leg.

A few days later, the vet came back up and thought we should take her in for xrays as she was literally on three legs and could not move around her stable. The whole event was really upsetting for me because I just did not feel able to cope with another long period of box rest and the emotionally toil it takes on us. Thankfully, the xrays showed that the pedal bone was intact and the vet believed she had some severe bruising to the toe area.

Her shoe went back on two weeks ago and I could start riding her again after a few days of turnout. Since then, I have been working quite hard on getting her in front of the leg and working from behind rather than pulling me down. She has had a few issues with her mouth and been a little fussy in the contact, so she is now in a plain eggbutt JP snaffle which she seems more settled in and is allowing me to ride her more forwards into the contact.

This evening we had a little jump, and seeing as she has not jumped for over 13 months, she was absolutely brilliant. She knocked a few poles, but she quickly learned from her mistakes and by the end was jumping beautifully.

We have a Prelim booked in for Wednesday morning, it will be her second competition since coming back into work with her first one being at Cockshot a few weeks ago. I am just hoping she stays calm enough for me to ride her because occasionally she can be very hot headed and sensitive to the leg and whip.