Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Two BD points later...

Since my last entry, quite a lot has happened! We have entered our first three affiliated competitions and been placed at every one.

The first one we went to was at Myerscough Arena on 13th June 2007. It was P17, so not only our first affiliated competition, it was the first time we had ridden a test in a long arena. She came out of the box very fizzy, was incredibly stupid to mount but then settled down as soon as we got into the warming up area. She worked in really well, so I was quite confident as we went into the arena. Although the butterflies were still ever present!

She came out with joint 4th place with 65.83% and the following comments: “Pleasing work shown, needs to be more securely connected, hindlegs through to the bit, to develop more uphill balance and carriage.”

We did another competition at Myerscough, where she again achieved 4th place with 64% and very similar comments. Then on Saturday we went over to Croft Top. I was incredibly delicate as I had been out with a few friends the night before and consumed copious amounts of red wine!!! The Prelim (again P17) was a bit of a disaster because of it. I just could not concentrate on riding when my head was pounding and there was a litre of liquid slushing about in my stomach. We came out mid table with 61.67% which was completely down to Grace as I just sat there throughout the entire test.

I put her away for half an hour while my father-in-law bought me a coke and a bacon sandwich and was much more prepared for the Novice (our first affiliated one!). I rode her quite hard in the warm up area, and rather than just wandering around the arena and waiting for the bell to go, I really worked her until it was time to enter at A. This was a much better test, I felt she was much more connected, had more energy and was generally a better example of the horse she really is. She came out with 63.55%, so had gained two BD points, made me a group seven rider and was placed. I do not know exactly what position she finished in because we left, but she was in 3rd place with only a few to go.