Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Grace is fixed!

Grace is now sound again, but unfortunately we missed our first British Dressage because of the lameness. She had her back checked and there were a few things there, but not enough to cause the lameness so we now think it was the bruised sole that was causing her discomfort.

Because of all her time off I decided to do a few preliminary tests before we started our British Dressage career. We went to Church Farm on Thursday where she was very spooky and tense and still managed to get 8s for her medium trot in her first ever Novice test. Then we went to Crow Wood on Sunday and she had a really bad journey and ended up travelling on the metal flooring because she had ripped all of the matting up from the floor.

Even though she had been very stressed out and had a trauma, she went on to come 5th in the Prelim with just over 65%, but then got 55% in the Novice, apparently the judge was a low marker according to the show organiser, but I didn’t feel she did a particularly good test. However, she loaded perfectly despite the bad journey there, so I did not really care about the marking for the day!

We now have our first British Dressage (again) booked on 13th June which is P17 at Myerscough Arena. It is in a long arena, so I have also hired out Osbaldeston on the Sunday to ride through the test before we go. Hopefully, the trailer will have been sorted by then!