Sunday, June 29, 2008

A quick update on her ridden progress

I am sorry for the lack of Grace updates since her freedom, but things have been so hectic that I have been coming home and just collapsing on the sofa!

So, just a quick Grace update as I am supposed to be packing!Grace went over to Jo Wright-Graham's this morning for her 'holiday' (more like boot camp). I was completely stressed out trying to find the time to get everything done in time but somehow managed it. Grace was really chilled out in her stable, which doesn't sound a great achievment but Han was out in the field and she only shouted once. This time last year we would have had a complete screaming abdab and rearing up against the walls!!!

I put her brushing boots and over reach boots on before her travel boots because Jo said she would ride her for me when I got there. I then put her Maxwell halter on as the past few times she has been hesitating slightly which I think is down to the fact that for eight months she has been travelling to and from the vets only. But today there was no need for any pressure, she just wandered up the ramp with me and stood munching on the net while I tied her up even though Han was shouting for her (hmmm, naughty girlie).

As always, Grace travelled lovely and quietly and was as cool as a cucumber when we got to Jo's. I tacked her up and she was still being very sweet and not getting stressy at all. Jo jumped on board and just tested the water but she was soon working her really nicely and Grace just looked fab (que more tears welling up as I am trying to pretend it is rain!!!)

I watched her hinds the whole time and there was nothing at all. The only thing I have noticed is that she is not flexing them as much as I know she can do, but I think that is more down to lack of muscle than anything else and Jo has told me not to worry about it, it is something we will work on over time.Jo really liked her canter, but more than anything she said she has an extremely willing mind which is the best thing a horse can have in the dressage arena. She said she never once argued with her and took everything she threw at her, I felt so proud of my girl!

We gave her a quick rinse down and I left her tucked up in her pale blue Thermatex (she looked so pretty in it) with the strict instructions it must not be left on overnight to get covered in shavings. I left her tucking into a huge pile of hay and her Alfa A lunch. She looked as though she had been there forever, and other than a quick glance and gentle whicker as I drove the horsebox away, I don't even think she noticed I had gone. I cannot wait to see her in two weeks time, I think with the work she will be getting she will look a different horse