Saturday, March 24, 2007

Grace is mine!

It was my 24th Birthday on Tuesday and what a fantastic birthday it was! My Mum and Dad have bought me a lovely wood burner for the lounge, so I did not expect anything at all. My Dad handed me a brown envelope and inside it was Grace’s passport, a photocopy of the cheque he has sent to Jill and a picture of me riding her. I couldn’t believe it… she is really mine now! It has still not sunk in yet, but every time I think about it I just keep grinning.

The master saddler is coming on Friday to have a look at sorting a saddle out for Grace now I have bought her, so hopefully we will have a saddle that fits her perfectly rather than making do with Hannah’s which is a bit too narrow for her.

We have a lesson with Spencer Wilton on Wednesday, and then with Jo on Sunday morning. It is a shame they are both on the same week, but that is just the way it has fallen. I am also trying to get Grace in at Andrea Johnsons (nee Morris) for some jumping training but she is really busy at the moment so we are just waiting for an opening.