Monday, April 21, 2008

Ode to Sedalin!

After a long day competing, my lovely husband came up to the yard to meet me for some moral support... It was the first time in over 6 weeks (with 4 weeks complete box rest) that I had ridden Grace.

On Saturday I had walked her to the end of the yard and back a few times, and let's just say I was glad I was not sat on her!!! I have never seen a buck like it in all my life. Because of this, I decided Sedalin was the best way forwards to ensure I was safe, but more importantly that Grace did not cause any more damage to her legs after the operation.

I gave her 4ml as the vet had suggested, and 40 minutes later when I got on her she had heavy eyes and seemed to be quite out of it. I walked her into the arena, but as our feet touched the surface she came around abit, enough for me to feel happy getting on her.

She had a few spooks, but whereas that would have been an explosion of bucks, rears, spins and squealing, it was a small spook and nothing more. Thank goodness for Sedalin!

Tonight I am going to go it alone, but I am also going to give her 2ml as I still felt she was a bit too sedated at first... by the end she was coming around, so I think 2ml will just take the edge off her enough for me to walk her around for 20 minutes.

My husband couldn't stop laughing at me because I was blubbering all the way around I never thought we would get back to this stage, and Grace felt so fantastic, I had forgotten just how beautiful her walk is!!! The bounce and ping just made me realise how determined I am to get her back in work and out there competing! She is such a natural mover, and I know she has so much more yet to offer.

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