Thursday, May 29, 2008

Grace's life is slowly returning!

Over the past few weeks I think I have endured every emotion the human body can feel. The sheer elation at knowing Grace can start the trot work was soon replaced by anguish on the first evening we trotted. She felt like a coiled spring ready to explode at any time, but it felt great because was so full of life.

There have been several explosions which have been quite daunting, but I have managed to remain attached and just kept thinking forwards with her!

On Monday, the emotions were so mixed that I cannot begin to describe them. I could not believe that after almost eight months of box rest I could finally turn out Grace in a field to be a normal horse! However, there was a distinct feeling of dread too, not only regarding her reaction to freedom, but also how my other mare would react to sharing her field again.

Thankfully, after a few laps of the field the two girls seemed to settle well and up until last night there have been no fisticuffs between them. I think Grace tried to assert some authority last night, to which Hannah responded by ripping the rug clean off Grace’s back and chasing her mercilessly. Luckily, Grace has come away with a scratch on her shoulder where one of Hannah’s feet has skimmed the surface, but I know it could have been a lot worse. It was quite nerve wracking putting them both out this morning, but they seem to have resolved their differences now (fingers crossed).

As I have been following the surgeon’s advice to the letter, for the first few days of turnout I have let her have a reasonably easy existence. However, I then upped the trot work in each sessions (I have cut these down to 35 minutes from 45 minutes due to other commitments) and she is really starting to use her hind legs now. Because she has been a bit ‘stressy’ I have been keeping the handbrake on more than I should. So, this morning before work I decided to let the handbrake off and flick her hind legs up with my super dooper whip. At first she was just kicking out at the whip, but soon she started really picking her hinds up and worked really hard!

There is just a little glimmer of hope emerging.

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